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With Linkito App you can – Create custom shortlinks, add and edit link destinations, get link Analytics and monetize your traffic with Ad-Pages.

Who Can Use Linkito?

Here is a summary of the key niches
that use linkito to manage their links all over the internet.

Content Creators

Maximize your earning as a content creator. Have complete control of where your links go at all times...

Affiliates/Digital Marketers

So you sell products online and get paid via comissions. Then you know Product links change over time. Don't loose trafic when that happens.


Increase sales of your books, ebooks and courses, by directing your audience to custom landing pages depending on their location.


See what you can do with Linkito app…

Custom ShortLink

Create custom short URLs such as ( Share your links easily.

Detailed Analytics

Get very detailed analytics of the links you create. Know where you visitors are coming from and take data driven actions.

Link Rotation

Edit your shortlinks destination and never loose traffic when a link changes.

Custom Domains

Add your own custom domain and personalize your links.

Monetize Your Traffic

Don't just send visitors to your free content, show them a page with your premium product too. Make some sales while at it.

Advanced Link Settings

Advanced setting such as A/B testing, Geo targeting, and others.


We offer the best pricing & best value for money…


$0 / month
  • 1k Tracked Clicks / Month
  • Unlimited Redirects
  • 10 Links
  • 10 Ads
  • 10 Pages
  • No Custom Domain

Basic One

$10 / month
  • 10k Tracked Clicks / Month
  • Unlimited Redirects
  • 500 Links
  • 500 Ads
  • 500 Pages
  • No Custom Domain

Basic Two

$25 / month
  • 50k Tracked Clicks / Month
  • Unlimited Redirects
  • 2,000 Links
  • 2,000 Ads
  • 2,000 Pages
  • 1 Custom Domain

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